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Branding & Logo Design

Branding encompasses logo design, identity design, and other visual and messaging elements that come together to create a distinct image for a business or product. A strong brand strategy can help differentiate your company from competitors and give you an edge in increasingly crowded markets.​

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of creating visual content that communicates ideas and messages. Effective design can help a business stand out and make a lasting impression on its audience. A well-designed logo, website, or marketing material can enhance a company's brand identity and convey information in a clear and memorable way.

Website Development

Your website is a vital brand asset, unlocking growth potential for your company. It should focus on serving your visitors' interests, making it easy for them to access and engage with valuable content that demonstrates your value and meets their needs.


E-commerce is a cost-effective way to expand your retail business. With e-commerce platforms, you can take advantage of full automation, from payment systems to inventory and shipping management, all in one place. This convenience allows for easy management, making it an ideal solution for growing your business.

Mobile Web Development

As the internet becomes more accessible to people around the world, it's important to note that over 1.2 billion people are accessing it via mobile devices, accounting for 78% of total digital time spent. With this in mind, having a mobile-friendly website design is crucial to ensure that your website is easily accessible and usable for the majority of your audience.

Mobile Apps

Switch provides custom mobile app development solutions for both iOS and Android that can help your business grow. We pride ourselves on delivering the ultimate mobile experience by creating high-quality, competitive mobile apps that meet the unique needs of your business and your customers.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Website hosting is where your website lives and grows, providing the foundation for your online presence. Website maintenance, on the other hand, involves tasks like updating your content management system, plugins, scheduling backups, and keeping the server and security up-to-date. At Switch, we offer flexible hosting and maintenance plans to fit your needs and budget, ensuring that your website is always up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly.

Email Campaigns

our brand identity is often the first thing that subscribers and customers remember about your business. At Switch, we understand the importance of creating a consistent and memorable brand image. That's why we offer custom email campaign templates that are tailored to your brand's unique identity. Our designs not only reflect your brand's visual identity, but also effectively capture your company's messaging and objectives. With our custom email templates, you can stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression on your subscribers and customers.

Social Media Branding

In today's digital age, social media has become a crucial tool for building brand awareness and growing your business. At Switch, we understand the importance of a strong social media presence, which is why we offer social media management services to help establish and maintain your accounts. Our team can create a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with your business goals and engages your target audience. From content creation and scheduling to community management and performance tracking, we'll ensure that your social media accounts are optimized to maximize your online presence and reach

Printing Services

Switch offers more than just design services for your marketing collateral and promotional materials; we also provide high-quality printing. Our expertise in printing and attention to detail have earned us the trust of businesses, associations, and non-profits for all their printing needs, from business cards to banners.


Switch offers professional photography services to bring your brand to life. Our team captures striking images of people, places, food, and more with a keen artistic eye and technical expertise. We work closely with you to understand your brand's vision and aesthetic, providing high-quality images for your website, social media, or marketing materials. Trust Switch to make your brand stand out visually.

Video Production

Switch is a full-service video production company that can create a variety of videos for your business needs, including explainer videos, demos, and marketing videos. We'll help you captivate your audience with high-quality visual content that showcases your brand story and products.

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Logo Design, Web Development, Ad Design, Illustration, Business Card, Brochures, Flyers, Catalogs, Animation, Motion Graphics, Product Shots, Commercials, Training Videos, Social Media Marketing; The list goes on. We have years of experience and satisfied hundreds of clients with our web development and print works. You can get your marketing materials printed and shipped right to your door faster than you are use to, without sacrificing quality.

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