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Flint & Flame

Proposal presented by: Switch Creatives

Switch Creatives is proposing the development of online presence for flintandflame.com. A visual web presence will be created with a unique, custom designed website on the WordPress platform, a database driven Content Management System. This will allow the content (text, images, documents) to be edited through a user login. The site will have the ability to be expanded upon in the future if desired, including additional pages and additional features. It is important to note that Switch Creatives will be creating a custom developed theme built on frameworks which use technology and software considered “best practice.” This will ensure that your online presence is as unique and competitive as your current association identity which no other organization will share.

Scope of Services

The goal of this project is to create a modern and user-friendly website that effectively showcases your brand and allows you to manage your online content easily. The website will be built using a popular CMS platform, WordPress, which will provide you with a flexible and scalable solution for your online presence. Below is an itemized list of deliverables.

Web Development Deliverables

• Installation of a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) and corresponding database • Establishment of user accounts and relevant configuration for the CMS • Integration of crucial plugins for optimal site functionality • Implementation of comprehensive security measures to ensure the protection of server and files • Development and customization of site theme, inclusive of header, navigation bars, buttons, footer, content area, sidebars, and other relevant elements • Inclusion of all necessary initial content, pages, forms, images, etc. • Deployment and configuration of E-commerce software to support online transactions • Creation of a custom contact form with ReCaptcha integration for the Contact page • Provision of automated email responses for clients and users upon successful form submissions • Integration of a custom internal site search function, utilizing the provided database • Thorough debugging and optimization of the website to ensure its optimal performance • Integration of all relevant social media platforms • Design and implementation of a custom Favicon • Availability of 30 days of technical support and assistance post site launch • Implementation of basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, including: • Verification of the website with Google • Installation of Google Analytics to monitor site traffic and user behavior • Creation and submission of a comprehensive sitemap to major search engines to aid in indexing and discovery.

Time Frame

The overall time frame to have the site live is less than 45 days, assuming all content (text, images, documents) is provided in a timely manner by the client.

Estimated Timeline:

45 days from deposit.

Web Development
45 days

Your Investment

Flint & Flame will compensate Switch Creatives in the amount of $2500 for completing the goals stated above.

Due upon acceptance of this agreement.
Due upon completion of all the goals stated above.

Total: $2500

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Founder and CEO, Bob Long has assembled a highly experienced and skilled team of professionals with expertise in various fields including project management, marketing, brand development, web design, video production, illustration, print design, photography, and 3D animation. This team is equipped to effectively address the diverse promotional needs of organizations of all sizes.

Switch Creatives agrees that all work carried out is considered work for hire, and that all rights to deliverables outlined above in the stated goals will be the sole property of the client. No other warranties or amendments will be considered valid unless modified by a written agreement signed by both parties.