Maintenance Plans

We realize that you are an expert at what you do and not at what we do. Switch Creatives can assist you as you rollout, maintain, and grow your website. Updates to the CMS, security software, and all other plugins are required in order to protect from vulnerabilities. No matter who your hosting provider, the risk of account suspension exists if your site is not up to date, leaving servers vulnerable to malicious attacks. An important part of keeping your site relevant to new visitors, returning visitors, and to search engines is to regularly add new content. This can be done through new pages, posts, products, galleries, videos, services, or latest industry news. If you do not have the time, resources, or desire to make frequent updates, we can help you.

Depending on your needs, we have variety of service options available. By participating in our monthly maintenance programs, you will receive daily website monitoring, essential software updates, and free assessment/ trouble shooting randomly occurring issues. If repairs need to be made and the time required falls with in the limits of your plan, no charges or fees will incur. If the scope of work is to exceed your plan, the hourly rate dictated by your plan will be used to calculate the cost. Any work that may incur charges will be discuss before being performed.

The Internet is a fluid environment which is constantly changing and evolving. The current infrastructure will inevitably become depreciated (obsolete). We believe that a service plan will not only benefit you by having our team “on call” for you, but it will also encourage you to stay on top of your web presence and keep it moving in the right direction.

Web Hosting

Switch Creatives prefers to host client websites on our own dedicated server. We are familiar with this hosting environment, therefore problems are easier to trouble shoot when they occur. If hosting with Switch, we will act as your server administrator and will be available via email and/or phone to help if you encounter an issue. A monthly hosting fee is illustrated below along with other service options. If you choose to host your site else where, a login to the control panel as well as FTP access must be provided.

***Web Hosting does not include regular updates to your CMS or additional software, though these updates must be performed regularly to avoid leaving your site and server vulnerable to hackers and malicious software. A $240 one time fee will be charged if you choose not to use our hosting.***

The Plans

12 Month Plan Pricing Per Site 

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  • Maintenance Features

  • Web Hosting
  • Weekly Backups
  • Software Updates
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Response Time
  • Hour per Month
  • Hourly Rate
  • SSL Certificate
  • E-commerce Plugins

***All maintenance plans are twelve months in length and will automatically renew annually unless the client gives written notice of cancellation. The prices are per site. An early termination fee of one half the remainder of the contract will be applied to maintenance plans canceled prior to one year of service. If unused, service hours will rollover to the following month with a 3 months cap. If you choose none because you are using your own hosting provider please provide us with login information. If paying for a year in full of Web Hosting cost is $120 per year. You will be responsible for your own web maintenance if you choose none or only web hosting.  If WordPress and/or plugins are more than two versions behind, an update will be performed and you will be billed according to your hourly rate. A $240 one time fee will be charged if you choose not to use our hosting.***

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